How do you guarantee your documents’ content authenticity and how do you set up a risk and fraud-free environment?

How do you know the document signatory is entitled to do so and that your client or supplier really exists?

Have you been returned the original document?

Chain of Documents Authenticity

Lawfice not only grabs all the data related to your documents’ authenticity [but also the documents you are sent] no sure about the point of “sent documents”. Thanks to Lawfice processes that go beyond the chain of accountability by natively incorporating a genuine, reliable and future-proof chain of trust.

Chain of Accountability

The platform tags the dematerialization and collaboration processes to guarantee the digital document will either become the original from/with the paper form or simply the original throughout its lifecycle.

Legal Corpus

The corporate memory of the entity is classify following a filing plan that automatically integrates information into each document to identify its nature according to the type and to the jurisdiction of the entity. This information helps improve the accuracy and ease the categorization of documents against your retention schedules.

Chain of Trust

Your company and employees you have assigned roles to, will receive digital certificates that will be incorporated into each produced document to ensure that internal governance rules are respected and traceable over time

The Lawfice plug-ins, the enhanced/complementary cybersecurity add-on

Enhance your information and document management systems with a people-centric, cybersecurity feature

Electronic Document and process/workflow management

Online collaboration
and transaction

secure email


Lawfice, aiming for
total dematerialization of documents

Increase productivity by




Conformity of the originals to the Standard.


saving of storage space.

Removing unsecured sharing tools.

Use case

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Public Sector

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