Trusted third party

Lawfice relies on the technology and network of UnikSign Technologies inc. for the issuance of electronic signatures and certifications necessary for the authenticity of metadata injected into documents.

Certification Service Provider

UnikSign is responsible for managing advanced electronic signature certificates throughout their lifecycle for these certificates’ holders and users. It is also a complete and fully integrated solution that allows any Clawd users to request verification of his or her identity in person with a certified registration authority so they can benefit from Lawfice’s advantages.

Also, this solution allows any company executives to validate the identity of any customers and suppliers. It certifies the role of all its duly authorized representatives to represent its company to third parties to protect the fiduciary duties of its directors.

UnikSign relies on an international network of independent professional registration authorities: lawyers and notaries in good standing with the issuing authority of their right to professional practice (ethic and professional code).

They are located in more than thirty (30) countries and guarantee signatures on several levels:

  • Certification of the legal entity
  • Certification of the identity of a physical person
  • Certification of the role and power of an authorized representative of a legal entity

The network strength

Serving your document management tools and information systems

The legal entity validation and the validation of a physical person identity are merged for the benefit of the network (allowing the establishment of shared trust at the international level).

All electronic certificates as well as metadata related to the parties’identity and their authority powers within an entity are freed from a verifiable certification over time with the network of trusted third parties like the blockchain technology.

Lawfice, complementary solution for…

Electronic document management and business processes, dataroom, board management, dematerialization or other document management solutions.

Lawfice also enhances business solutions dedicated to banking, insurance, real estate, healthcare and other sectors with active documents.

Lawfice allows to innovatively enrich these solutions to prevent legal risks related to documents.

The Trusted Network is growing day by day. Thanks to our partners with more and more targeted industries.

A proactive partnership approach

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